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We offer Leagues to suit any bowler. Ladies mornings , 55+ Leagues and mixed evening leagues. All Leagues bowl once per week from September until mid-April. Come out for some fun and exercise. Meet new people,make new friends. Polo Park Bowling Centre offer League bowlers a chance to enter our annual hi-lo tournament and season end Tournament of Champions.

Come join for fun, exercise and meet new people.

Call us for more info or to be placed in trial league for the first week.


YBC is a National program for children ages 4 to19 years old. Instructors and coaches for kids who have never bowled or want to get even better. Plenty of regional and national tournaments.


for league bowlers

Fifty cents gives you a shot at the Big Cash. Most Leagues allow pre-bowling in the event  you or your team cannot make League night. We offer room enough to suit from 1 to 100.


1:00pm   Club 55 Plus                Mixed 55 years or older

7:00pm   Senior Mixed               Adult Mixed



10:00am  Best Friends                 Ladies Fun

7:00pm    Deer Lodge Mixed       Adult Mixed


10:00am  M.T.S. Pioneers           Mixed Senior Fun

5:00pm    Teachers League

7:00pm    Cosmopolitan Mixed   Adult Mixed


7:00pm    League of Our Own  Adult Mixed


1:00pm    Clifton Ladies           Ladies

1:15pm    Kent-Imperial Ladies   Ladies


10:00 am  Y.B.C.                    Youth (ages 4-19)

12:30 pm  Special O               Special Olympics

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